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WHAT DO WE DO?  We guide and teach overweight people who want to lose weight, feel better or decrease medications do so, by providing a customized weight loss plan.  LOSE WEIGHT FAST AND SAFE so you can start feeling better, more confident and live life to the fullest!

You CAN do it!

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Fit3D Full Body Scane

Fit3D Full Body Scan

Fit3D is a 40-second scan results in a full 360° avatar and precise body measurements with results posed to the cloud.


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What a huge success!

Husband and wife team, Jeff and Angie, have lost right at 30 pounds each during their first seven weeks with Geaux Healthy. They both were on multiple medications for high blood pressure when starting with us and since losing the weight, their cardiologist has had to stop some and decrease others multiple times in hopes of stopping them all together very soon. What a huge success! They both state that they haven’t felt this great in years. Not only are they reaping serious health benefits from their Geaux Healthy program, but they are also more mentally and emotionally prepared for future plans in their life.
Jeff & Angie
Shreveport, LA
Geauxing Healthy

I just can't say enough about how Geaux Healthy has improved my lifestyle. Not only have I lost weight, but my doctor has taken me off ALL of my diabetic and high blood pressure medications. I have been seeing this doctor since 2004 and he told me at my last appointment that this is the best check up I have had with him EVER. After just a few months on this program, I have seen so many healthy changes, I feel better and have the knowledge to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life! Thank you to the wonderful coaches at Geaux Healthy for always encouraging me to keep geauxing!
Bossier City, LA