Fit3D Full Body Scan

Fit3D Full Body Scan

3D Body Scan Analysis by Fit3D ProScanner
The Fit3D cloud based Success Hub makes it easy to view your body model, measurements, and metrics while creating and tracking programs catered to your body.

Walk in scans welcome

40 second Full Body Scan $25

Fit3D’s patented, highly accurate, and self-guided 3D body scanning solutions have helped Fit3D to become the largest and fastest growing non-invasive 3D body scanning company in the world with 1,100 systems currently available in 45 countries.

Walk in Fit3d scans are available
Mon-Wed 7:00am-6:00pm

Who can purchase scans?
Sports Teams?
Yes! We even have group discounts.
Yes! Track your pregnancy, your workout progress, weight loss progress, even measure for tailored clothing!
*Scans are not transferable. No refunds

Fit3D Pricing

1 Fit3D Scan

  • No appointment needed
  • Walk-ins welcome

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