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Weight Management & Wellness Plans

Important details regarding ALL plans

Rapid safe weight loss

Supervised by a Registered Nurse, you can feel confident in knowing you are providing your body with the fuel it needs to lose weight, have more energy and live life to the fullest.

No Credit Cards

Please note that we do not take credit or debit cards. Cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo.

Can I have Alcohol on program?

ALCOHOL consumption is discouraged on the program. Your coach can discuss with you how it may affect your weight loss.

New Client Plan

This initial consult is scheduled for new clients ready to start their weight loss journey. Can not be scheduled online. Approximate time is an hour and a half and can be scheduled with one of our certified coaches. After hours initial consults are available upon request and coach availability. Please – NO CHILDREN at your initial consult due to length of the appointment.

New Client Plan

$ 350 Initial Consult
  • Check, Cash, PayPal, or Venmo
  • Weekly Fit3D full body scans during the time you are on the program*
  • 28 Moxifit Body Fuel Protein Packs (9 day supply)
  • One month supply of all required supplements
  • Geaux Healthy Blender Bottle
  • Geaux Healthy Tote Bag
  • All Educational Materials
  • Daily Food Logs
  • 1.5 Hour Consultation
  • Access to health coaches via phone, in-person, or email
  • Access to our MindBody™ app for self scheduling
** Please download the Health Profile from our website at and bring completed profile to your first appointment.
** Please note that consumption of alcohol is not permitted on our weight loss program.
** We do not accept credit or debit cards unless using PayPal or Venmo

Download the MindBody App

Are you a CURRENT or TRANSFER client? Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of booking your appointments from your device!

Weekly Coaching

Weekly one-on-one coaching appointments are scheduled for current clients and last approximately 15 minutes each.  The approximate cost of food is $95 weekly which supplies two meals and one snack daily. A $15 minimum coaching fee is applied when the minimum of 21 protein packs are not ordered. Ongoing supplement cost after the first month is $72 per month. The cost of our program breaks down to $5.22 per meal including the cost of supplements. (Payable by check, cash PayPal, or Venmo)

Transfer Clients

This appointment is scheduled for dieters transferring from another authorized Moxifit Body Fuel Clinic. Transfer fee is $100 which includes transfer fee and weekly Fit3D body scans. Minimum food and supplement purchase is required. (Payable by check, cash PayPal, or Venmo)

Returning Clients

This appointment is schedule for previous Geaux Healthy clients who have been away from our clinic 4 weeks or longer. *There will be a returning  Fit3D scan fee of $50 to start or restart your weekly scans. Minimum food/supplement purchase is required (check, cash PayPal, or Venmo).

Lifestyle Protocol

This appointment is scheduled for our clients who have completed their weight loss journey. Length of protocol is one year from the date of purchase and includes 17 visits throughout the year. Cost is $300 for the year and includes Fit3D body scans (check, cash PayPal, or Venmo). Please see a certified coach for more details.